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My Reflection Week #6

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What about those schools without an appropiate content?

  We already saw what was the flipped learning, but it’s really about working as a group but also alone to interpreted every topic we want to learn about. It has to be interactive, but is it really education like that in every single country and village you work at? For me, the answer is no. Sometimes you don’t have the resources to work with, or the content the schools or government gives you to work it’s irrelevant. I’m talking about those school that take a bunch of students on different ages and suppose to be in different grades but as you might know is in a village where they barely can have electricity or water at every hour. Like one of the pages the course gives us for information we normally assume that in this century all the students have internet and can be able to work in platforms and send different assignments. In the type of schools I’m talking about they only have one teacher for all student’s and he/she is responsible to teach all the contents, they might have books

Flipped learning

When I start my 4th semester at UABC (Autonomous University of Baja California), my teacher told us about a book where the students where the one's who makes the rules by a democratic vote, and the teacher same as the students were dictated by those rules, at the beginning I started thinking "okey, this teacher it's a little bit nuts for making us to read a book where control doesn't exist", but when you past the first chapter, everything makes sense, because, when the kids were doing the votes they learn about politics, civics an ethics, also instead of being on a classroom they took gardening and carpentry as subjects but at the same time doing that they were learning about physics and math. I was really surprise about the different type of schools, learning and teaching around the world. And I know that in Finland, the students doesn't have homework, the school along with the parents work to relate the knowledge with the chores at home, becoming the school